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A family business is a special thing and the Barozzi family certainly knows that. Starting the gasket machine production back in 1977 with the AISA company, in 2009 the second generation is tasked to take the name forward into a new global world. The new company is named GSKET and it acquires all AISA projects, patents and trademark related to the AISA branch of gasket machines and custom made machines.

AISA has always been considered the worldwide leader in the production of superior quality gasket machines and since its birth GSKET has been able to combine the expertise of more than 30 years of AISA leadership in gasket machines and the freshness of the generational change of the Barozzi family business.

Mr. Barozzi senior was not only AISA s.p.a. founder but played an active and essential part, using his extensive experience and skill acquired working in Japan, inventing and developing all AISA projects and patents. Just to give you an idea, if you search on the web his full name, Mr. Barozzi Gian Piero, you will be amazed on how many patents are registered under his name.

Also Mr. Barozzi’s children have always worked in the company, mostly in the sales-after sales and R&D department, and have acquired through the years the expertise to become the natural heir of AISA being able to offer their customers both assistance on AISA machines and the most reliable and performing gasket machines you can find nowadays on the market.

All AISA machines have been improved ever since and GSKET has developed new gasket machine models not only in the same field of application of AISA’s machines but also brand new machines for different types of gaskets.

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